Choosing A Business

By choosing individual businesses to lend to you can build a portfolio which focuses on things which are important to you.  

By registering you will be able to view all of the available loan opportunities. There is a lot of information available on each business and loan, including financial performance, credit rating, geography and security.  If you have any questions there is the opportunity to ask questions, and you will be able to see questions and answers from other investors.

Once you have chosen a business to lend to just click on it and bid the amount you wish to lend and the interest rate you want to charge. If you have used other online auction sites you will soon get the hang of Go2. The only difference is that the investors who bid the lowest rates get the deal!

Auctions typically occur over a period of up to 14 days with investors competing to lend an amount of money at an interest rate they would like to achieve.  You should take into any account fees and potential bad debt rates.

Loans to any one loan request must fall between £50 and £5,000. We put an upper limit on your investment so that you spread your risk and build a well balanced portfolio. You should lend to a number of businesses to build a portfolio and spread your risk.

There is also an option where you can buy loan parts from existing loans – this way you can instantly build a portfolio, diversify your risk and start earning interest immediately. 

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