Earn a great rate of interest supporting local businesses

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Earn a Great Rate

The Go2 Business Loans model is based on our simple mantra 'local money for local business'. Join other investors to support local businesses and earn a healthy rate of return on your surplus cash. This is peer to peer lending and your investment is at risk. We encourage investors to diversify their portfolio.

Manage your risk

Only creditworthy businesses are listed on the Go2 site. Diversify your portfolio by spreading your portfolio to a number of businesses.

Supporting local businesses

Small and medium sized businesses are the lifeblood of the local economy. By lending through Go2 you could be helping those businesses grow.

Complete control

Manage your account online. Choose which businesses you want to lend to and under what terms.

How it Works

GO2 Business Loans is proudly supported by Business South & FPN Chartered Accountants.

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