Loans From People, Not Banks

Whether seeking opportunities for investment or looking to borrow funds, your first port of call might be the bank. However, there are other avenues that investors and borrowers can investigate for financial assistance or advice.

Investing in Crowdfunding

Creating a sustainable income through crowdfunding continues to become a more prominent concept as the phenomenon spreads. It is being embraced by seasoned investors as well as those that are new to the scene. 

Investing for Income

People choose to invest their money for a wide variety of reasons that usually relate to the desire for financial gain and growth. Not only can investing help you to grow your assets, providing a security blanket for the future, but it can also equip you with a more immediate and steady flow of cash.

How to Use Crowdfunding to Raise Finance for Your Business

Raising finance for your business with crowdfunding is an increasingly popular option for several reasons. Whether you are starting a business or growing an existing business, it is possible to find the funds you need through an effective crowdfunding campaign. 

Retirement Income from Crowdfunding

Creating a retirement income from crowdfunding is a very real possibility that more investors are beginning to become aware of. As an investor it is likely that you already know of the extensive benefits of crowdfunding when it comes to growing your money. However, have you considered that crowdfunding could be a great way to supplement your income during your retirement. 

Crowdfunding Loans UK - A Quick Guide

Crowdfunding Loans UK

Crowdfunding loans in the UK have grown exponentially in the last decade. It has taken a relatively short period of time for crowdfunding to go from an unheard of method of financing a business to a standard practice. The internet has been essential in increasing the prevalence of this concept and has improved access to funding for countless businesses. 

Small Business Loans for Women

It’s tough out there if you are looking for a small business loan. But things are changing and now, not only can you get a small business loan but it can be funded by people who are based close to your business who may have a whole new agenda in wanting to see your business succeed.

Go2 Business Loans is a crowd funding platform which puts lenders together with local businesses.