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Great to meet everyone at the ‘Meet the Chamber and Business Exhibition’ this week, a networking event organised by the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, of which we are members.

Dancing Cows expands with crowdfunded business loan from Go2

Hampshire craft distillery and brewery Dancing Cows is increasing output of its spirits and beers, thanks to a £21,000 crowd-funded business loan from Go2.

More About Our Loan Applications!

More about our loan applications! We set up Go2 Business Loans with the specific aim of helping local businesses and have completed our first investment project. Go2 Business Loans, based in Southampton, has helped fellow South Coast firm FastGrowth Limited raise £10,000 through its crowdfunding site. 

Brexit Britain - Time to Get Your Business Loan

As the country continues to try to find its feet following the historic vote to leave the European Union, new opportunities within the finance world are presenting themselves to both investors and borrowers. Although this is arguably a complicated time to rely on the banks for business loans, the possibilities that crowdfunding can provide in terms of lending are far more promising. Additionally, the best investment options can arguably be found via crowdfunding platforms at this time. 

Loans From People, Not Banks

Whether seeking opportunities for investment or looking to borrow funds, your first port of call might be the bank. However, there are other avenues that investors and borrowers can investigate for financial assistance or advice.

Investing in Crowdfunding

Creating a sustainable income through crowdfunding continues to become a more prominent concept as the phenomenon spreads. It is being embraced by seasoned investors as well as those that are new to the scene. 

Investing for Income

People choose to invest their money for a wide variety of reasons that usually relate to the desire for financial gain and growth. Not only can investing help you to grow your assets, providing a security blanket for the future, but it can also equip you with a more immediate and steady flow of cash.

Crowdfunding Pros & Cons for Borrowers

Antony Fanshawe, Director of Go2BusinessLoans talks with Rob Bennet about Crowdfunding the Pros & Cons for Borrowers. Rob Bennet is an experienced leader with a first class all-round business track record. Rob used Crowdfunding successfuly to fund his own business.

How to Use Crowdfunding to Raise Finance for Your Business

Raising finance for your business with crowdfunding is an increasingly popular option for several reasons. Whether you are starting a business or growing an existing business, it is possible to find the funds you need through an effective crowdfunding campaign. 

Retirement Income from Crowdfunding

Creating a retirement income from crowdfunding is a very real possibility that more investors are beginning to become aware of. As an investor it is likely that you already know of the extensive benefits of crowdfunding when it comes to growing your money. However, have you considered that crowdfunding could be a great way to supplement your income during your retirement. 

Private investors for small business loans

Private investors for small business loans

Crowdfunding has grown phenomenally fast in the UK. From a standing start in 2010, UK investments made through crowdfunding sites now stand at about £5.5 billion (Altfi.com) . This is a phenomenal statistic, and points to a great British success story. We are way ahead of the rest of Europe in this field. They, with a much larger economy and population, have invested only about £1billion.

The Innovative Finance ISA

A Huge Boost for the Crowdfunding Movement

The Innovative Finance ISA, or IFISA, is one of the latest developments from the investment world. The IFISA is focused on P2P (Peer-to-Peer) lending and could be a real boost to those who have been experiencing low interest amounts on their ISAs since the beginning of the recession. The introduction of the IFISA is predicted to fuel the existing interest in P2P lending which has grown in popularity over the past few years.

Benefits of Investing In a Local Business

Benefits of Investing in a Local Business 

In life you can get things to happen that are already there, and working, like electricity and sometimes, broadband, or washing machines. You pay taxes to get the state to protect you, deal with ingrowing toenails (etc), educate your kids and take the dustbins away. And you give to charities to do good.


Top 3 Finance Tips for Growing a Business

Growing a business is no simple process and can be a journey with many bumps in the road. Finding the finance you need to achieve your business growth goals can often feel impossible, especially when you are relying on traditional forms of fundraising.  

When you feel the time is right to begin growing your business, it can be frustrating if you do not have the finance in place.

Crowdfunding Vs Traditional Fundraising

‚ÄčCrowdfunding vs traditional fundraising is an interesting comparison that can be observed to have experienced significant change in the last few years. As crowdfunding continues to grow in popularity, its acceptance as a normal mode of raising money for business purposes also grows.

In this article we will cover the key differences between the new Crowdfunding movement and the more traditional fundraising model.  

Crowdfunding for Borrowers

How does crowdfunding work for borrowers?’

Is a question that potential business owners often ask as they research new ways to get the funding they need. When you are seeking funding for a business opportunity, crowdfunding can be one of the best ways to find the investment you need.

In this short article we will cover how crowdfunding can work for borrowers 

Crowdfunding Loans UK - A Quick Guide

Crowdfunding Loans UK

Crowdfunding loans in the UK have grown exponentially in the last decade. It has taken a relatively short period of time for crowdfunding to go from an unheard of method of financing a business to a standard practice. The internet has been essential in increasing the prevalence of this concept and has improved access to funding for countless businesses. 

How Does Crowdfunding Work for Investors?

Crowdfunding is lauded as the newest method of investing money into businesses, but how does crowdfunding work exactly? It seems clear to startups and other businesses how crowdfunding can work for them, but it is not immediately clear to the other side of the transaction how to navigate and benefit from the process.

Investors looking to back businesses through crowdfunding often wonder how the process can work for them, and the information below should help to explain the benefits of using this method. 

Small Business Loans for Women

It’s tough out there if you are looking for a small business loan. But things are changing and now, not only can you get a small business loan but it can be funded by people who are based close to your business who may have a whole new agenda in wanting to see your business succeed.

Go2 Business Loans is a crowd funding platform which puts lenders together with local businesses.

Crowdfunding Your Business

Crowdfunding your business 

Crowdfunding is the process where we “harness internet technologies to bring those with money and those who need it closer together and aggregate numerous small investments to meet large funding needs” (nesta.org.uk-November 2014).