Vision and values

We believe that Go2 is the future of SME funding. It works on so many levels. 

Firstly it is a great loan based crowdfunding site, allowing investors a direct return without suffering the banks’ cut, and SME’s direct access to the funding they need on a hassle free, and fast basis at a sensible rate. 

Secondly, unlike any other loan based crowdfunding sites we are organized on a local basis. So we invite Southern SME’s to apply for loans on our site. This makes Go2 a perfect tool for investors to make a local difference whether by investing in community projects or just helping their local area to prosper. The benefits of this are obvious; better local services, greater business opportunities and more chances for friends and family to work in the great businesses our investors will be supporting. It just makes sense to us.

Thirdly we believe that Go2 Market place will do what all good markets do, and get people talking to each other, building the local business community and, vitally, doing business. 

We believe in straight talking, and dealing fairly and professionally with everybody who engages with us. We welcome the recent FCA plans to regulate the loan based crowd funding sector and have built our site to comply with those regulations. 

Three of the founders are chartered accountants and used to working within strict ethical and professional rules, which they bring to Go2.

GO2 Business Loans is proudly supported by Business South & FPN Chartered Accountants.

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