Management teams

Antony Fanshawe - Managing Director

I am a chartered accountant, and I have an MBA from the University of Bath. I am also a serial owner manager, running my second business, FPN Limited, a specialist firm of chartered accountants specialising in SME corporate finance, having sold the first, Fanshawe Lofts, to a national firm in 2008. I am able, from experience, to empathise with the fear of failure, the pain, and the joy that come with owning and running one’s own business.

I am also a founder shareholder and director of Go2 Business Loans, and am thrilled to be in on the ground floor of what I am sure will be a really exciting new way of doing things, empowering businesses and investors alike.

Aside from eating (obviously), I enjoy sailing, old cars, dogs, London, a lot of Italian things including selected parts of Italy and the company of my wife, children and friends.

Chris Cundy - Financial Director, Compliance & Operations Director

I am an experienced director in businesses ranging from large plcs to small local charities and a qualified chartered accountant.

Having trained with KPMG, I joined VT Group in 1993 and was a main Board Executive Director between 1997 and 2010.  During that time I was finance director during the growth of the group from its warship building roots to the international support services company it became and also commercial director responsible for contract negotiations and relationships with the MOD.

Since leaving VT Group on the sale to Babcock International, in addition to running my own consultancy business, I am a Trustee/treasurer of the Roseroad Association and a director of Business South.

As a Director of Business South I get first-hand experience of the local economy and the issues facing local companies. Go2 Business Loans is one way in which local people can support local companies.

Rosemary Penn-Newman - Marketing & Communications Director

I am a chartered accountant, a Corporate Finance specialist, and I have an MBA. I am a director of FPN Limited and a shareholder in and director of Go2 Business Loans. 

As a corporate finance specialist I have seen first hand how difficult it has become for businesses doing their best to negotiate their way through the clearing bank’s lending maze; often finding themselves a couple of months and a few thousand pounds  down the track, and getting nowhere. And then I discovered crowd funding and the answer seemed obvious. Two and a half years later here it is; Go2businessloans!

I get a buzz out of helping businesses of all shapes and sizes and in particular seeing their owners get a result from many years of hard work.

I am a huge fan of Wales and Welsh rugby, I have a rugby playing son and two daughters, three dogs and three horses. I love horse riding and running and am building a family house with my husband.

Rob Bennet - Sales Director

I am an experienced SME Director, and this includes building a company over 23 years and transforming it from a start-up to a World Leader in a chosen niche market: Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detection. I sold the company to a large American Corporation in 2013.

After overseeing the integration of my old business into the USA Company, I was offered the opportunity to buy into and become a Director of Go2 Business Loans.  Having previously researched crowd funding and already having invested in such platforms, I saw the potential and was very keen to join and contribute to such a forward thinking organisation as Go2.

Having worked in the SME sector for most of my working life, I am really enthused to be involved in the crowdfunding arena and in particular with Go2.  Debt based crowd funding is certainly a service I would have used in my time as an MD of a growing SME, if it had existed then, as borrowing from a Bank was so difficult.  I was drawn to Go2's business aims of supporting local businesses and communities in Central Southern England, whilst also giving good returns to investors.

I have resided in Christchurch, for 27 years.  I live with my wife and three children, although one is away studying at Exeter University.  I am a keen sports fan with special interests in cricket, golf, football and rugby.

John Spittal - Sales Director

I am an experienced banker with a 37 year career with NatWest.  I hold a BSc degree in Financial Services from The University of Manchester.

My banking career was spent working in the SME marketplace, and I have always enjoyed helping customers realise their ambitions in business.  Latterly, I specialised in Real Estate Finance and headed up the RBS/NatWest Real Estate Team in Southampton.

I joined Go2 Business Loans having accepted volutary early retirement from the bank, and I get a great deal of satisfaction in being able to assist business owners in obtaining funding to grow their businesses via crowd funding, whilst helping investors get a better return on their funds.

My interests outside work include vintage cars (I am the proud owner of a 1953 MG TD) - Rugby (a long suffering supporter of Scotland!) - golf and hill walking.  Sadly I was recently widowed.  My son was married in May 2016, and has recently returned to university to study for his PhD in Economics at UCL.

GO2 Business Loans is proudly supported by Business South & FPN Chartered Accountants.

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