Join forces with Go2 to lend money to local businesses and support your local economy

The Go2 Business loans offer is what the Financial Conduct Authority calls “Loan based crowd-funding”. Go2 is registered with the FCA and complies with their regulatory requirements.

What we, at Go2, do is to place businesses in credit categories, communicate their loan requests to registered investors, and provide a simple mechanism for investors to bid for business loans at a return that they think is right. 

Once the full amount of the loan has been raised, we complete the deal with all the necessary legal documentation, and we arrange to collect the repayments on the investors’ behalf and pay it into their account.

It’s as simple as it can be and miles more interesting than putting your money in a savings account or waiting for a bank to agree to your loan.

And if you need your cash out earlier than you thought; you can sell your loans in our “Loan Trader” market place.

Like all market places Go2 is a place for chatting, for meeting people, for doing business and for having a good time. We would love you to share your views, experiences and business wants and offers with us and other users of the market.

GO2 Business Loans is proudly supported by Business South & FPN Chartered Accountants.

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