Peer to Peer Lending Network

Go2 is a money market place for Southern English businesses.
We give companies a forum to request loan funding and we give investors an opportunity to lend to them. Do a great thing for Southern business and earn a great rate of return!

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Investor Benefits

Excellent Return

When lending you choose the gross interest rate at which you want to lend.

Security Given

Each business is allocated a risk band to help you assess the level of risk and balance the security given against the gross interest rate to bid.

Easy to Manage

Our online marketplace enables you to identify and track your investments.

This is peer to peer lending and your investment is at risk. We encourage investors to diversify their portfolio.

Lenders get a great rate of return and can actively support growing businesses.

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Investors have received an average net return of 10.32% on loans to date.

Borrower Benefits

Competitive Rates

Investors compete to lend you money and you only accept the loan if the rate suits you.

Grow your Business

You can access funds for requirements, including working capital, expansion capital or asset finance.

Simple Repayment Plans

You can apply online with monthly repayment plans over 1 to 5 years to suit your business.

Borrowers can access a huge market of lenders and benefit from much lower rates than from banks.

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Dancing Cows Limited raised £21,000 to finance increased production and working capital for its growth plans.

GO2 Business Loans is proudly supported by Business South & FPN Chartered Accountants.

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